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On behalf of 1C:Maddox Games and Daidalos Team, we are pleased to present you the patch 4.10m.

Few words before you hit that download button...The development of 4.10 patch took longer than we have anticipated in the beginning as we continued adding more content than originally planned. In order to give you the most stable version of the patch without any further delay we have decided to make the unpopular decision and did not include all the content that was previously announced in our development updates. The patch content became simply too big and complicated to test all together at once. But that does not mean we have abandoned the features we have informed you about before. To be specific, the following features are NOT included in 4.10 patch, but will come in our next releases:

1) AI seeing through clouds and other more complex AI improvements - priority candidate for 4.11

2) Triggers - priority candidate for 4.11

3) More complex MDS features - as a first step we wanted introduce the core feature of MDS in 4.10 = moving AI units and carriers on dogfight server

4) Ship damage effects - some ship DM improvements have been included in 4.10. More to come in the future.

5) Radar - was not planned for 4.10 yet. We do need to complete the full scenario before we release it.

We are also going to switch to smaller but more frequent patch releases from now on. 4.10 will be the foundation for our future work. As with the previous patch we would like to ask IL-2 community members to report any relevant issues or errors that did slip through our beta testing net. We have just opened the 4.10 bug report thread for this. Of course you can also use our DT email for the bug reports: We are committed to continue improving our work in the future patches.

The TD 4.10 patch is a modification of the original IL2 series, AUTHORIZED by Oleg.


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