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Patch - Combat Mission: Battle for Normandy : Zahlreiche Verbesserungen für Mac-Version

  • PC
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  • Fixed a bug that occasionally caused weapons crews to move back to an old position when deploying their weapon.
  • Corrected issues with deploying MGs in buildings.
  • Soldiers fire weapons faster at short ranges, especially Garand rifles.
  • Small arms fire causes more suppression than before.
  • General improvements to MG performance behavior. See note below this list for more information.
  • Sandbags, wire, foxholes, hedgehogs, and trenches are correctly treated as "lower down" for spotting purposes.
  • Pistol accuracy slightly reduced.
  • BAR range increased to 800m.
  • Shaders optimized for nVidia and ATI.
  • Moving a mortar even a short distance causes greater loss of target acquisition.
  • Bunker-mounted MGs are more accurate than before.
Dateiname: cmbn_v201_installer.pkg
Dateigröße: 165 MB

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