Patch - Drox Operative : Neues Update für die Mac-Fassung

  • PC
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  • emp damage now degrades over distance (area effect versions)
  • fixed critical hit on Impact analysis components not working correctly (Sedlex)
  • killing a bounty hunter is now worth 2 fear points (alstein)
  • races will now go into debt if necessary to build the first defensive ship for a planet (makes sense and makes defend planet time estimate much more reliable)
  • fixed quest monsters getting put into dimensional pockets (Roswitha)
  • now when the planet's population is killed off there is a high chance that the planet type will degrade (MOOMANiBE)
  • random sector size will no longer choose a huge sector
  • added corruption per planet
  • now some technology might be found when a player destroys a race (longshot)
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