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Patch - Falcon 4.0 : Falcon 4.0

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nother patch by Lead Pursuit is now available for there remake of Falcon 4.0, updating the game to version 1.(0).11

Changes in 1.11:

Artificial Intelligence:
- Fixed package waypoint timing.
- Set the same repeat waypoint for HAVCAP flights like AWACS and JSTAR.

Avionics / Weapons
- Fixed GM radar mode to now also show moving as well as static targets.
- GMT mode still only shows moving targets.

- Fixed speed display in glance-forward 3D view.

- Enhanced night-lighting of airbases and some other objects.

- Fixed CTD when using Vector-to-Tanker radio call.
- Several more CTD fixes.
Dateiname: Falcon4AF_patch_1.0.11.exe
Dateigröße: 57 MB

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