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Battle report now display the actual generals stats, not the ones from the database

Game logic
* Hits recovery procedure improved.
* Fixed: a bug in determining victory level (major vs minor victory)
* ZOC don’t prevent retreat anymore
* Retreat damages algorithm improved with variables exported for modding (see AGE Wiki)
* It is no longer possible to make a breach with any unit (like cavalry). You now need at least one artillery or engineer element or a unit with a siege ability or a unit/leader with a special trait (‘Breacher’).
* If you are in supply when besieged with at least one supply wagon or a depot, you can only surrender if you fail your discipline test AND you fail a 5% chance to a percentage roll.
* If you are besieged, weaker than the besieger, with a breach in the structure and only in partial supply, then your troop discipline will get a -3 modifier (more chance to surrender).
* Entrenchments are back

AI will be less aggressive (parameters exported for modding)
AI will regroup better corps with army HQ (‘flocking behavior’)
New AI algorithm: concentrate, can apply to all threatened stacks.
Leaders now redeploy slightly better toward candidate stacks
It is now possible to define an affinity for each leader toward certain stacks (modding)
Fixed: Theaters ratio miscalculated sometime, leading to too aggressive behaviors in some cases.

Events, Modding & Scripting
Show the Eagle option revised
Commander in chief class ability added
Winter quarters / Recon & Raid can be disabled by flag
Prisoners scripts commands added
Region dynamic graphics commands added
EvalRgnWeather command added 

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