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Patch - Spore : Neues Update für Spore

  • PC
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Zu Spore gibt es jetzt einen neuen Patch, den ihr kostenlos von unserem Server laden könnt. Welche Verbesserungen Patch 1.04 mit sich bringt, erfahrt ihr im Changelog weiter unten.


* Buildings have high quality textures in the game like they do in the Editor, if display settings are on High.

* Fixes occasional corrupted backgrounds on Sporepedia Cards.

* Includes ongoing improvements in animation to be more responsive to weapons placed anywhere on a Creature's body.

* Increases the number of "charges" of Space Tools Player can purchase in a single transaction.

* Increases the range and damage for turrets defending against enemy spacecraft

* Enables Player to reach all Grox worlds

* Fixes a bug with the Terraform Tutorial Mission not being complete-able for all planet T-Scores by giving four basic tools to change score in any direction.

* Improves general performance across the entire game

* Improved searching in Sporepedia

* Allows download of creations from website directly to game

* YouTube movies publish as private

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