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Patch - Strategic Command WWII Global Conflict : Verbesserungen für die Gold-Edition

  • PC
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  • DECISION events that are TYPE=2 reset their result value at the end of the turn (mcaryf1)
  • fixed a FREE UNIT error that would leave free units in the port of a surrendered country (MJY)
  • fixed a Paratroops combat replay error during the last turn replay sequence for email games (Shaun)
  • fixed a unit combat error for free Chinese units that could not be attacked by Japanese units (Rafael)
  • AI will now swap units under the right combat and reorganizational conditions
  • captured resources for a surrendered country no longer increase the National Morale of the occupier (Sapare)
  • mouse hovering over a unit on the map will now display the unit info at the bottom left hand corner of the game information area (Winti)
  • fixed a Windows 8 'Full Screen' mode error that caused the game to crash

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