Patch - Revolution Under Siege : Spanische Sprachoption hinzugefügt

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Latest game engine [120422] fixed numerous bugs
- Spanish Language installation enabled

Bugs corrected
- Most officers should be promotable (except special historical cases)
- Some mistakes on DON portraits corrected.
- Bug corrected on red 75 and 105mm howitzers.
- Bug of Siberian Whites NM and EP losses during the Polish Intervention is corrected.
- Some in game texts mistakes corrected
- “Twin polish fights” bug is corrected
- Illegal characters removed from LocalStrings (; $ “)
- International Unicode text substituted for special charaters in Aliases and Unit/Group names
- Python script checks run: multiple Unit and Region Aliases corrected [thank you LaFrite!!!]

Scenarios affected/updated
Drang nach Osten, Grand Campaign, November 1918, May 1919, Poland 1920

- Reds now start the Grand Campaign with 120 NM (110 NM on Kolchak coup campaign), Southern
and Siberian Whites with 90 NM.
- More Red Guards in minor communist cities.
- Red have more recruits available at the start of the Grand Campaign and Kolchak Coup campaign.
- Mobilization option is now much more efficient for the Reds, less efficient for the Southern and
Siberian Whites.
- Raise money option is now less efficient for the Southern and Siberian Whites.
- Mobilization and raise money option now only cost 1 NM (instead of 2 NM) for all factions.
- Moscow and Petrograd produce more money and conscripts
- Tachankas now have the same speed as armored cars
- All factories now take 3 months (6 turns) to be built
- Red battleships in Kronstadt can now be repaired properly
- Northern Whites can now recruit militia (instead of peasants)
- All other Whites faction can recruit less militia
- Southern Whites independences recognition is now cheaper, but foreign alliances are most
expensive (10 NM for Baltic states, 20 NM for Finland, 10 for Caucasus League).
- More supply is produced in Moscow, Rostov, Ekaterinburg, Omsk, Tzaritsyn, Petrograd and Kiev.
- Sidorin is no longer a Training Officer
- Depots will ease the Polish Intervention in the Grand Campaign
-The Polish Intervention will not occur if the Siberian Whites are below 120 NM (Southern Whites
morale conditions unchanged)

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