Patch - American Civil War : Entwickler korrigieren Fehler des vorherigen Patches

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• Latest Game Engine (120413)
Fixed: Ledger no longer closes with <right-click>
Fixed: Transports carrying large troop formations were pillaging ocean regions
Fixed: ''Looping'' patrol orders that plot the starting region as the ending region now properly move
Fixed: A 'stealthy unit' [undetected] cannot totally block gains in MC. A ratio of Patrol factors is used, with some MC gained by a large force on the last day of a turn.
Fixed: Erroneous logic for Militia movement outside home area
• 1862 East & 1862 West Campaigns:
Removed event-driven upgrades from 12lb Artillery to 20lb Artillery
• Models and Units:
All states in the Western regions that have Artillery in the Unit build pool, but lack WSU producing regions at start of April 1861 [MS, TX, AR, MO and KS] now have Alternate Areas defined for unit build [the KS 6lb was omitted before, and the change log was unclear about the Areas affected.]

• Other:
Added Camden, VA (Burkeville) to the “Close to Richmond” area
Added latest parameters for “blended movement rates” on roads. [in \Settings\GameLogic.opt]

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