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- Auto-retreat rule could use damages from a previous battle in the first round, in some rare cases.
- Sometime a corps could help a corps of another army, in the March to the Sound of Guns rule.
- Foreign Entry could not go below zero in 1.12, fixed.

- Naval missions: Commerce, Blockade, Escort, Naval Superiority improved.
- Long range Defense mission can’t borrow anymore units set for Garrison Duty.
- Break Siege Mission had a bug rendering it not enough interesting to do.
- AI will see much less interest in doing Attack missions in winter.
- AI much more prudent when moving troops with riverine move.
- In some rare cases, the Defend Mission could have his path aborted. Fixed.
- Depot destruction much more rare.
- AI slightly less prone to make distant operations (attack-defense).

Game Improvements
- Moved the start date of the 1862 Campaign scenario back one turn to start 1862/03/01 instead of 1862/03/16.
- You cannot form Corps at all in the Bull Run Scenario.
- You cannot form Corps for either the April or July Campaign scenarios until 1862/03/01.
- None of the 1862 or later scenarios are affected by the above Corps formation restrictions.
- Militias and irregulars within their home state now get the +10 cohesion bonus anytime, not just during battle.
- Precision: Due to code constraint, the Militiaman trait can only work during battle. (All abilities of the category ‘Battle Bonus’ work only during battle and Militiaman is of this category).
- Auto-retreat rule triggers at a higher level of losses if you choose the Defend at all cost ROE.
- Fleets with too low ammo or too low cohesion will switch to defensive posture and abort all out attack ROE, before a battle. Land units with too low cohesion will switch to defensive posture, abort all out attack ROE, abort structure assault before a battle


- loyChangeByMartialLaw variable exported. It represents the max. % the loyalty can change by the Police factor of troops (Regional Martial Law).
- New script command SetFormedCmdMax (parameters are the max number of corps | max number of armies – it is recommended to set the number of armies to 9999 as the on map HQ limit is sufficient). In absence of any scripting, 9999 will be read for max number of corps  if you do nothing, current games are not altered.

- Replay feature added.
- Stack list added to the unit list, in the ledger.
- The irritating double-tick sound when closing the Element Detail panel has been removed.

Map / Database
(Work led by AACW Coordinator Gray_Lensman). Special Thanks to Jabberwock and Bigus.

1.)Reworked placement area of several units, (Bushwackers, Mounted Partisans, and Partisans).

2.) Incorporated more of Jabberwock's General's graphics work.

3.) Preplaced more Militia units at critical locations for both sides to better help the AI defend these locations. Note: This was done for all the 2-player Campaign games other than the April 1861 Campaign scenario.

4.) Removed the "TechUpg" setting for CSA early cavalry to late cavalry.

4a.) Adjusted the associated CSA Early to Late cavalry conversion events to roughly 1/2 the original chance of occurance. Also, removed any chance of conversion prior to 01/01/1862. These events may have to be adjusted more later.

5.) Reworked the 6 lb Artillery to "TechUpg"rade to the 12 lb Artillery. Also removed the "TechUpg"rade for 12 lb Artillery. (They should remain 12 lbers throughout the war).

6.) Corrected the starting ranks of the following generals in all of the 1861 scenarios. Thanks to Bigus for pointing out these discrepancies.
a.) CSA M. Bonham starting rank  1 star
b.) CSA T. J. Jackson starting rank  1 star
c.) CSA James Longstreet starting rank  1 star
d.) CSA Theophilus Holmes starting rank  1 star

All 4 of these generals were incorrectly ranked at this time of the Civil War. Each of them have their own brigade at the start of these specific scenarios. Also CSA James Longstreet was missing from both scenarios. This has now been corrected and the delayed event which adds him later has been removed.

Cooresponding promotional events have also been created for Jackson, Longstreet, and Holmes in early 1862, if they are not otherwise promoted prior to that time.

7.) Reworked the Bull Run Scenario to more closely match the July 1861 scenario in regards to missing units. Also, limited the scope of the scenario to prevent non-historic amphibious movement during the time of this scenario.

8.) Split "1222 Kentucky Confluent" into 2 separate regions. The upper half remains the same and is still associated with the Ohio River system. The lower half is now known as "1525 Kentucky River" and is associated with Kentucky. This work was done to prevent direct movement from the original Kentucky Confluent region to either "536 Mercer, KY" and "537 Fayette, KY".

9.) Graphically reworked "1233 Great Confluent" to prevent direct movement to either "528 Trigg, KY" or "1524 Collies Mills, KY".

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