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Inhaber des German Truck Simulator können ab sofort bei uns auf den Patch auf Version 1.02 zurückgreifen.

  • Note that this version of the patch only works with the full retail CD version of the game distributed in Germany. It will not work on other versions, it will not work if any original files were changed.
  • Troubleshooting: In some cases, it may be necessary to place the patch file into the folder where the game was installed (example: "C:\Program Files\German Truck Simulator\").

Version 1.02:

  • fixed Direct Input force-feedback not initializing on certain controllers
  • fixed certain cargos too big/tall for passing through narrow/too low bottlenecks in the map
  • fixed in-cabin rear view mirrors angle detection
  • fixed avoiding sleep offence
  • fixed trailers spawning in overlapping positions in certain context
  • fixed available cargos sometimes not beeing shown in notebook
  • fixed navigation sometimes not generating path towards destination
  • fixed sometimes cargo could be reported as "on-time" while also subject to late penalty
  • changed expiration times on special cargos
  • fixed MSAA under DirectX
  • engine RPM tweaks
  • better screen resolution sorting in display options
  • fixed rain drops appearing in some tunnels
  • fixed employee should not be able to repaint or upgrade the truck
  • fixed streams sometimes being cut a few seconds before they should finish playing
Dateiname: gts_1_02_patch_de_de.exe
Dateigröße: 43 MB

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